Civil War at Leeds Castle (23-24/09/06)

During the weekend of 23rd and 24th September Leeds Castle returned to the 17th century with the recreation of an infantry company of soldiers in action. Based on Sir Thomas Fairfax’s New Model Army regiment, the Fairfax Battalia, a civil war re-enactment group, set up camp at the castle. The castle was an apt location because of its connections with the Fairfax family and its location near to the site of the Battle of Maidstone, fought in 1648. Whilst the men were away giving a military drill display on the Cedar Lawn, the camp followers were busy back at the campsite. The blacksmith was hard at work forging new weapons, a man was working out distances on a map of the time, a purveyor of potions was trying to drum up business, the children were playing and the womenfolk were carrying out their household duties including the preparation of a hearty meal for the returning troops.