Our Garden – June 2006 (Part 1/2)

Many of the spring flowers have disappeared by the end of May but there were plenty of new ones to take their place. In fact June is the most colourful month due to the large variety of plants in our garden.

The beginning of the month is the time for irises and gladioli, slowly giving space to lilies. Roses are everywhere, some climbing high in the trees, the terrace plants have woken up from their winter sleep, some of the less showy flowers, such as poppies, cistus, oxalis are appearing everywhere. The scent of the mock orange and honeysuckle permeate the garden.

We invite you to walk around with us in our garden – at least in thought – by glancing through the pictures on this and on the following page.

We would be greatful for any email pointing out mistakes or inaccuracies in the album.