Visit to Germany (02-09/07/06)

Day 3: Speyer

We spent Tuesday with our hosts in Speyer. We went in Frieder’s car; the journey lasted about an hour.

The Speyer Cathedral is among the world cultural heritage sites. The town is full of beautiful Barock buildings. The Museum had a very interesting exhibition: Teutonic Treasures. It was based on recent discoveries of Roman artifacts in the surrounding rivers lost by the returning Teutons from their forays into the Roman-controlled areas but the exhibition covered the whole era of the Teutonic-Roman struggles.

I am posting very few pictures of Speyer on this page because the town has an excellent website. It is worth visiting. Apart from the usual information every town offers, it invites you on a panoramic walk-about in the town, there is a picture gallery for downloads and you can even send an e-card to your friends with a selected picture. You will notice from the shadows that the pictures are not in chronological sequence. This is because the chronological sequence is prohibited by the limitation of photography (e.g. the direction of sunlight) but we visited the cathedral first.

It was a very pleasant and informative day and we returned happily to Kleinostheim in the evening.