Visit to Leeds Castle (10/06/06) – Part 1

Culpepper and Lady Baillie Gardens

Ann was not on duty but she wanted to see the jousting event at Leeds Castle. As I had a headache and did not think I was able to perform any heavy work (mental or physical), she had no difficulty dragging me along. She wanted to start early in order to see the gardens – always on the lookout for plants to enrich our garden.

It was a warm, sunny day; I soon forgot my headache and could enjoy the garden, the park and the tournament.

First we walked around Culpepper garden, a typical English country garden, then Lady Baillie garden, which is layed out as a Mediteranean garden. Finally we went to take some refreshments on the restaurant’s terrace.

Ann took some pictures during our visit. I am not going to bore you with all the Latin names of the plants on this page, just enjoy the pictures. The pictures of the joust are on the next page.

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