Visit to Germany (01-09/07/07)

Day 4: Heidelberg

We had a day visit to our daughter, Rachel, in Heidelberg. She had planned a day excursion to Heiligenberg, which we reached via the ‘Philosophenweg’ (the philosopher’s way). Our first stop was at the Heidenloch, a 55 metre deep well that dates back to before medieval times. Nearby is the ruin of an 11th century monastery dedicated to St Stephen. From the tower there is a fantastic view of the town and castle of Heidelberg. A little higher up we reached Thingstätte, built by the Nazis in 1935 as an amphitheatre that could seat 8,000 with a further 5,000 standing places. Even higher than Thingstätte is the ruined abbey of St Michael, which is built on the site of a Roman temple. We did have one adventure on our way back. In the town a traffic accident happened right in front of us. Rachel declared herself a witness and I used my First Aid skills! All sorted and we met up with Bernhard for a quick beer before driving to a district of Heidelberg known as Handschuhsheim, where we had a meal. The strange place name is attributed to the following: a knight lost his glove (Handschuh) and it was found by a servant girl. She returned it to him; he fell in love and married her.