Visit to Germany (01-09/07/07)

Once again the time has arrived for our annual pilgrimage to Aschaffenburg, Germany. We decided to go by a different route from normal and booked a ferry with Norfolk Line from Dover to Dunkirk. Although the ferry crossing took two hours we did save on mileage. Much of our time in Germany had been planned in advance, including a day visit to Mannheim to visit Rachel. Old friends had heard of our arrival and so there were various invitations. Once again we were very well looked after by Rosemarie and Frieder. A visit to Sommerach to stock up on our supply of Franken wine and a visit to the ‘Museumsnacht’ were also part of our programme.

Days 1 and 2: Preparation, Outward Journey, Wandering around in Aschaffenburg

The journey was uneventful and we stopped only briefly for petrol and a quick bite to eat. We arrived in Kleinostheim during the early evening, where we were given a beer to quench our thirst and a nice meal was put in front of us.

The second day was spent wandering around Aschaffenburg, visiting the bank and browsing in the shops. Because our favourite ‘Gasthaus’ is shut on Mondays we had a meal in a nearby hotel. There are no photos for day 2 as rain was threatening. Having just had my camera repaired I did not want to get it wet.