Visit to Hungary (04-13/09/2007)

Day 6, Monday: Nové Zámky, Bratislava

On Monday we started out on our three day visit to Slovakia. Gabi and Adi came with us to get to know my maternal relatives there.

First we drove to Nové Zámky to visit my cousin Iduska. We found her there looking after her grandson Kiki, a real live wire. She had prepared a lovely lunch for us. When her daughter Sylvia had returned from work she joined us. We are all asking for the recipes of her wonderful cakes.

In the afternoon we drove to Bratislava. By mistake we took the route via Dunajská Streda, but I did not mind as the names of all the villages we drove through brought back many childhood memories for me.

In Bratislava my cousin Éva, her daughter Sonia and Mario, Sonia’s partner, waited for us. We stayed with Sonia and Mario during our stay in Bratislava. We spent a happy relaxed evening there, including a sumptuous supper Sonia had prepared for us.