Visit to Hungary (04-13/09/2007)

Day 8, Wednesday: Váhovce (Vága)

On Wednesday morning we said good-by to our hosts, Sonia and Mario and struck out towards Váhovce (Hungarian Vága), Gabi’s and my birthplace, to visit Tercsike, whose mother used to look after him when he was a baby.

We were welcomed by Tercsike and her son Feri with a huge lunch. Tercsike showed me some very interesting old documents and presented me with three books about the history of the village. One of them contained a special dedication to the whole Kneif family by the local priest. After lunch we took a walk in their garden, Feri’s creation. It was a lovely garden and Ann has bought home some tips and inspiration.

Later we went to the cemetery to visit our grandfather’s grave. At the parish council we found some interesting personal records with the intercession of Tercsike, who used to work there for some 19 years. After a walk around the village we were offered more food and drink. The roast duck was excellent – pity that our stomachs were still full of lunch. Late afternoon, loaded with presents, we departed towards Dorog.