Visit to Hungary (04-13/09/2007)

Day 9, Thursday: Esztergom, Departure

On our last day we went to Esztergom to sort out Gabi’s Internet problem with his ISP and to visit my parents’ grave.

The attitude of people behind a desk towards their clients who require help astounded me. In fact they are not considered as clients but supplicants to be got rid of as quickly as possible. Our journey to Gabi’s ISP turned out useless.

We then went to see my parents’ grave. The birch tree behind the grave was dying and had to be cut down. We also wanted to arrange that someone looks after the grave. As there was a funeral we had to wait. We used the time to see my old primary school and to visit the market. Unfortunately it was too late and many of the stalls had already packed up.

After lunch, while we were packing, Gabi got down to his hobby: winemaking. Soon afterwards we said good-bye to our hosts and drove to the airport ending our Visit to Hungary.