Visit to Hungary (04-13/09/2007)

Day 1, Wednesday: Visit to Kerékteleki

On our way to my cousin Sárika at Kerékteleki, a small village south of Komárom, we stopped in Dad at Manci néni, mother of Sárika. After her sister Zsuzsi and Zsuzsi’s daughter Patri had arrived from Budapest we all five continued our journey to Kerékteleki. As usual Sárika prepared a lavish feast for us: chicken soup, carp – caught by her husband Gyula – chicken paprikás, roast duck, breaded pork slices, cakes and gateaux. Home-made pear and plum brandy as welcoming drink and a bottle of red wine on the table were obligatory. Although it was raining heavily Ann could not miss the opportunity to look around in the garden. For years now the family have not bought any vegetables, fruit or meat: they produce them all themselves. We departed for Dorog mid-afternoon, dropping our passengers in Dad.