Visit to Hungary (04-13/09/2007)

Introduction, Arrival

For a long time we had planned to visit Hungary and when my cousin Gabi heard about it he invited us to his daughter’s wedding to be held on the 8th of September; at the same time he invited us to stay with them during our stay in Dorog.

We arrived at Ferihegy airport late evening on Tuesday the 4th. We picked up our reserved rented Polo and drove to Dorog. Our Lady in the sky led us to our destination, except the last stretch, because she did not know the street where my cousin lived. After a little driving around we finally arrived at their house; Gabi and his wife Adi were waiting for us on the driveway.

It was a very short visit, a very hectic but an enjoyable one. I have managed to see practically all my relatives in Hungary and Slovakia. We hope the next few pages will succeed in giving you an impression of our experiences there.

Many thanks to Gabi and Adi for their hospitality. They have done everything to make us feel at home – even arranged for good British weather: wet and cold.