Autumn Gold at Leeds Castle (01-05/10/2008)

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It is that time of the year once again, when various flower arrangers compete to produce the best design for an allocated room in the castle. Each is given a budget and can choose the flowers that they want for their designs. Visitors were asked to vote for their favourite display. The first prize went to the Queen’s Gallery, which was arranged by Hadlow College floristry department and was a well-deserved winner.

The quoted comments about the flower arrangements were taken from the official prospectus.

This page shows the following rooms:

RoomPrizeAbout the flower arrangements
Heraldry Room7th'Inspiration for the design comes from the rich reds, blues and gold of the coat of arms and of the trumpets'
Lower CorridorThe displays in the stairs and corridors were created by the castle florists and so were not eligible for the competition.
Queen’s Room5th'Reflections of medieval majestic grandeur and love'
Queen’s Gallery1st'The abundance of foliage, flowers and fruit depicted in the Flemish tapestry, gave inspiration for such lavish floral designs, fit for a queen'
Banqueting Hall'Aspects of Leeds Castle'. Not in the competition as the designer, Robin White, won the competition last year.
Chapel4th'An autumnal wedding of the period'
Top of the Spiral StaircaseSome more decoration by the castle florists.
Libera – Ave Maria