Easter at Leeds Castle (21-24/03/08)

Kite Spectacular

Easter was very early this year and it will not be this early for over another 200 years. Just as well as the weather was atrocious. Luckily it did not deter the visitors, especially on Friday and Monday. I spent Friday as a guide inside the castle but on Sunday I was sent to the duckery, where, in a snow and sleet storm, I sold tickets for the kite trail that would lead the children to the bunny burrow and a chocolate Easter bunny. After the trail the majority of visitors headed for the large marquee, where the children could make their own kites. Meanwhile on the golf practice lawn, the owners of the large kites were attempting to get them airborne. Monday promised to be a better day weather-wise and there were pockets of sunshine, although a few wintry squalls did send the visitors running for cover. I was seconded as First Aider and I spent the day walking round the estate (10 miles in all). We were pleased that there were no casualties. More of the kites were on display as the wind was more favourable for flying.