Phil and Gill at Leeds Castle (31/05/08)

Gill and Phil were on their cycling holiday in Kent and asked if we could meet up. We agreed to meet at Leeds Castle so that I could show them around and give them a guided tour of the castle. Luckily the weather was dry although a bit overcast. We started with the guided tour of the castle and then made our way to the aviary, where we went around with the keeper for a very informative insight into some of the birds and their habits. After lunch in the Fairfax Hall we made our way to the jousting site, where the knights entertained us. A rush to the far end of the estate to watch the falconry display was followed by the maze. George said that he knew the way so we followed him only to get completely lost. Luckily a steward put us on the right path.

Guardner – Everybody Needs