Visit to Germany (06-14/07/08)

Day 4 – Wednesday: Meeting old Friends

Our car was in the garage for most of the day so we spent some time in the town once again and then caught the bus to Hösbach to pick up the insoles. From there we went to the garage only to find that they were unable to carry out the repair as one of the parts was missing. That evening was spent with the usual group of PSI colleagues and partners.

Day 5 – Thursday: Visiting Rachel in Mannheim

We set out early for Mannheim to visit Rachel. She was very upset when we arrived as she had recently moved into a flat and only when it was too late did she realise that it was damp and had mould concealed behind the wallpaper and that the neighbours had piled up rubbish outside her window. After lunch Rachel went to finalize a new flat that she had found. In the meantime George and I had a look round Mannheim before meeting up once again.

Day 6 – Friday: Sommerach, Veronika and Friedel

After waiting for a couple of hours to get the air intake fixed in the car we set off for Sommerach. It was Friday so, in order to miss the motorway jammed with holiday traffic we decided on the scenic route through Spessart. It proved to be a good idea as it was a lovely drive and we arrived in Sommerach to find the wine festival set up for the evening. After a lunch of chanterelle mushrooms and dumpling we made our way to Weingut Henke to buy our yearly supply of Franken wine. We had an adventurous journey back with Ann and the SatNav disagreeing on the route but we eventually arrived back in Aschaffenburg. The evening was spent with Veronika and Friedel in Weinhaus Kitz.