An excursion to Sandwich, Deal and Charing (28/02/09)

On a sunny winter morning we set off with our guests, Rosemarie and Frieder, for an excursion to the seaside as they were determined to have fish and chips during their stay. We started the day at Sandwich, where we first visited the Salutation Gardens. In spite of hearing a radio report that the garden still had a lot to offer in winter, including snowdrops and hellebores, we were very disappointed. I had more colour in my own garden at home. From there we visited the church of St Clement’s, where we were lucky enough to meet a lady just going into the church and were therefore allowed entrance. Then it was a quick wander round the town to see its many old buildings before driving on to Deal. After a fish and chip lunch we had a walk along the pier before setting off on a very adventurous drive across country to Charing. Again luck was on our side and we met up with the Chairman of the local council, Mr Tylden Reed, who gave us a guided tour of the Archbishop’s Palace, now in ruins. The light was by now fading so we made our way home.