Visit to Germany (05-13/07/09)

Day 6: Sommerach, at the Nöths

There is always one day planned for a trip to Sommerach to buy our yearly supply of good Frankonian white wine. We try to drive there without using the motorway but as it is a complicated journey we decided to use our SatNav. Of course, the lady in the sky tried to steer us in the direction of the motorway and finally she won.

Sommerach was, as usual for our visit, decked out ready for the yearly wine festival. We had a meal in the local pub before making our way to Henke, where we had bought our wine for the past 3 years.

Using only a map on the way back we had a far more interesting drive, which included a ferry crossing at Wipfeld. The route back was only 105 Km whereas the route with the SatNav was 255. As George remarked: “What do you expect when there are two women navigators in the car!”

The evening was spent with Veronika and Friedel enjoying a good meal at the Fegerer.

Rudi Knabl – Blumen aus Salzburg