Visit to Germany (05-13/07/09)

Day 7 (Part 2/2): Aschaffenburg Museumsnacht

We had already bought our tickets for the ‘Museumsnacht’, the evening when all the important buildings, churches art galleries etc are open until the early hours of the morning. Many of the localities have wine, beer and nibbles. We both agreed that this year was the best ever. We made a quick visit to the Stiftsplatz, where vampires were keeping the crowds amused. Then we made our way to the Schlosshof (the castle courtyard) to await a Commedia dell’Arte performance: ‘Love Venetian Style’. This was to be the highlight of the evening. The actors were very talented and we were kept amused by the antics of Pantalone, Rosaura, Colombina, Flavio, Arlecchino and Dottore. George, il vecchio Professore, was rejected by Rosaura as a suitable husband because she did not like him. George was inconsolate muttering: “sono tristissimo!” The tears were running down our cheeks. From there we went to a concert in the ‘Martinushaus’, which promised Hungarian music and food. Unfortunately the food was all gone but the concert, if not entirely Hungarian, was interesting. We then had to hurry to the Pompejanum garden, where, as it is set in stone, we meet our friends at midnight.

Rudi Knabl – Auf geht es