Visit to Germany (03-11/07/11)

Day 5: Leipzig and Prichsenstadt

George had wanted to see the Museum of Books and Writing but it was outside the city centre and we did not have time on the previous day. We decided to seek it out the next morning and decided not to spend much time there as we had another long journey ahead of us. George and I took a tram and after a short walk found it. We were not disappointed. It is a brand new building constructed to look like a book. After a quick drink back at the hotel we set off for Prichsenstadt, a village in Franconia, a wine producing area. We had time for a walk around the village before enjoying a typical Franconian meal.

Day 5: Sommerach and Mannheim

Sommerach is just a few miles from Prichsenstadt and we were there early. It is the village where we buy our wine every year, always from the same producer, Henke. We always arrive when preparations are under way for the annual wine festival. This year was no exception. Once the wine was safely packed into the back of the car we started on the journey to return Rachel to Mannheim. Once there we were met by a very feverish Ramon, who insisted on coming with us to, what he thought, was the oldest ‘Gasthaus’ in the centre of Mannheim. After a lunch George and I made our way back to Aschaffenburg.

Allessandro Marcello – Oboe Concerto in D minor