Visit to Germany (03-11/07/11)

Days 7: Achaffenburg

First stop was the market, which is always worth a visit, especially when the sun is shinning. We bought sour cherries and apricots for jam making in the hope that they would survive the journey home. After the usual shopping excursion to the City Galerie it was off to meet Agnes and Hans-Jürgen for lunch in the Fegerer.

The evening had been set-aside for the ‘Museums Night’, a yearly occurrence in the town, when all the museums, art galleries, churches etc. are open until the early hours. We started in the Jesuit Church, now an art gallery, as George had not seen Dorothea’s exhibition. We then made our way to the Stiftskirche where we listened to an unusual Bach organ recital: two organs complimenting each other, one the church organ and the other a modern electric organ. From there we went to the Theatre Square, where we met some strange creatures. We were most interested to see the Commedia dell’Arte in the Castle courtyard as we had been impressed by their performance two years ago. This time it was not so good. While waiting for the performance to start we listened to a jazz concert in Karlsplatz.

Finally we met up with old friends in the Pompejanum garden for a beer and chat.

Day 8: Daxberg

A few friends came together at the Rueff estate in Daxberg for some coffee and cake.

Triskilian – König von Tara