Diamond Jubilee Pageant, London, 3rd June 2012

As neither Sandra nor George were interested in seeing the Jubilee Pageant on the Thames, Michael and I decided to make our way there together. Although we arrived nearly two hours before the start, we still found it difficult to reach the Thames embankment. Finally we were able to reach the river to take up a place in front of Tate Modern. Unfortunately, many people were already there, some having camped out all night. However, by squeezing onto some steps in front of a pub, we were able to just about see the goings-on. The day was overcast with the promise of some rain. The first section of the pageant had passed us before the rain arrived: at first a drizzle that soon turned into a downpour. People in front of us started to leave so by the end we had an uninterrupted view. It was an interesting experience, which was spoilt by the journey home. Our train from Charing Cross was cancelled and we had to catch one going to a different station and then a bus. We waited half an hour for the bus to arrive, by which time we were soaked through. On arrival home I was greeted by George with a glass of whisky and a hot bath!

Georg Friedrich Händel – Watermusic Suite No. 2 (excerpt)