Meopham Historical Society
Tour to Rennes (20-25/09/2012)

Once again we were treated to a memorable holiday, thanks to the organising skills of Maureen. Everything was well planned and our driver, Tracy, did a marvellous job of getting us to Rennes as well as the various places that were organised as excursions. We did have slight problems with the weather but in spite of the odd shower we did also see some sunshine. Brittany is a lovely part of France and I am sure that everyone enjoyed the break.

DAY 1: Saint-Saëns

We had a whole day travelling to Rennes and so it was necessary for our coach driver, Tracy, to have a break at a midway point. This we did at Saint-Saëns in Normandy. We had ample time for a quick snack and a look around this small but interesting town. The church and the town were named after an Irish monk, Saëns (John in Gaelic), who founded a monastery there.

Tri Yann – La vierge à la fontaine