Our Garden – July 2012

July started with the same dismal wet weather that we had experienced in June. It was not until the latter part of the month and just in time for our ‘Brunch at Hilton’ that there was a great improvement so that our guests were able to experience temperatures of 24C and sunshine. It even got a bit warmer in the days that followed but had gone downhill again by the end of the month with showers mixed with the odd burst of sunshine. The rain has been a blessing as we have been able to use the water collected in our water butts to carry out the little watering that has been necessary. Some plants have done really well with the extra moisture, whilst others, including the tomatoes, have really suffered. The fruit trees have done very badly this year: no cherries at all, few plums, greengages and apples but the raspberries look like being a bumper crop.

Secret Garden – Passacaglia