Our Visit to Friends in Devon (30/07-03/08/12)

Thursday: Overbeck’s

Eileen and George had other things to do but Patrick and I decided on a visit to Overbeck's, famous for the subtropical gardens and once the seaside home of Otto Overbeck. After a hair-raising drive along a very narrow Devon road, where we met a van coming in the opposite direction, we finally arrived at our destination. The house is perched high on the cliffs above Salcombe, with spectacular views of the coastline. The gardens are well worth a visit. The gardeners are interested in talking to visitors and together with Patrick there, with his extraordinary knowledge of plants, it was a worthwhile visit. The garden is split in different sections and because of its favourable position has many subtropical species. We made two excursions into the garden. The first hour of our stay was punctuated by rain so we went around a second time in the sunshine.

In the evening we went to another concert at Dartington. This time it was a performance by Ensamble Meridiana together with Stile Antico and guest recorder player Jill Kemp.
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina – Osculetur me