George’s Class Meeting in Hungary, September 2015 (Part 1)

Another five years have passed and George’s old class was celebrating 60 years of their matriculation. We also wanted to take the opportunity to visit relatives, most of whom we had not seen for five years We arrived in Esztergom early evening and went to a restaurant to meet 2 of George’s old school friends and their wives.

With the Palkó relatives

The next day we had arranged to meet George’s cousin Gabi and his wife Adi for lunch. No sooner had we finished lunch (3pm) than we were due to meet the rest of the Palkó family, whom we had invited for a meal in a restaurant. Thirteen of us sat down at a long table

Class Meeting

The following day (Saturday) was set aside for the class meeting. Only six from the class were present plus three wives. From the original group of 27, who passed the matriculation, only 10 are still alive. The meeting started at 11 a.m. with a remembrance of those who have died. We finally left the table at 6 p.m. after a lot of chatter. The names are given in Hungarian.


On Sunday morning we drove back to Budapest and were picked up for lunch by Zsuzsi, George’s cousin, Zalán, her son, and Patri, her daughter, and taken to a restaurant where Mihály, her partner, was waiting for us. After a very good meal Mihály took us to an art exhibition in the centre of Budapest. In the meantime Zsuzsi had prepared a feast for us at home.

Notes on the music by George: My cousin Gabi is a keen member of the local wind band and he had sent me a CD produced by his band, the Dorog and Tát Wind Band. The music on the two pages are taken off this CD. The CD is private and not available at commercial outlets.

Dorog and Tát Wind Band – V.-Magyar-Tánc