Lin and Ann visit Basel and Freiburg, May 2015

Day 2: Freiburg im Breisgau

We arrived in Freiburg mid-morning and, after checking into our accommodation, decided to visit the Botanical Garden, which was only a short walk away. We then made our way to the centre of town and found the market in the Cathedral Square. It was certainly far superior to any market in Kent.

Day 3: Freiburg

Another day looking around Freiburg. We also took a ride on the cable car to the Schlossberg from where there are very good views of the town.

Day 4: Triberg

We decided to take the train to Triberg to see the famous Black Forest waterfall. The climb up to the top of the waterfall is very steep but we made it to the viewing bridge. Then it was a walk through the woods until we reached a ‘Gasthaus’, where a welcome beer awaited us. We travelled on the regional train, which is cheaper than the inter-city as it has many stops on the way. It is a double decker and the view from the top deck is far better than the fast train. However, we were forced to use the Inter-City on our return journey as there were works on the tracks and we had been told when buying our tickets that we would be allowed to use the fast train at no extra cost. The ticket collector did not believe this until, after a long argument, the boss found that we were correct. Hurrah!

Rudi Knabl – Der Weg zum Herzen