Meopham Historical Society Holiday in Cheshire, 17-21/09/2015 (Part 3)

Day 3: Quarry Bank and Little Moreton Hall

The day was spent visiting two National Trust properties, both quite different. Quarry Bank had been a working cotton mill built by Samuel Greg on the River Bollin. The mill is now a museum, showing how the cotton industry progressed from hand spinning and weaving to the use of machinery over the centuries. The noise was deafening and the dust all prevailing. It was a relief to leave the building and wander around the lovely gardens.

Little Moreton Hall is a Tudor manor house and was quite different to the mill. Everything to do with the house gave the impression of it being wonky – in fact it was wonky! We had an excellent guide to tell us about some of the architecture as well as the past owners of the house.

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