My Stories – Page 1


In Persia the new born were killed but in a village there was a blacksmith named Loric. He was fed up with seeing the young die so one day he made a speech, “ I am fed up with watching the young die and the village dying out, who stands by me to fight for justice, for freedom, for our children, for are village?” he shouted. “Yeah”, the villagers kept shouting at Loric. He unrolled a long piece of paper and started to think of ideas to defend the village, then he wrote his plans down. He started making weapons, he was so talented that he could make anything with fine beauty. Everything he made was imprinted with his sign which was vines weaved together. His speciality was making spears, they could be made by hand crafted stones and long thin sticks. The next day he told his men what his plans were and they knew they needed to chop down 60 trees to make a little wall. They sharpend the branches. If they fell on it well it wouldn’t be that nice! Then they chopped down another 60 trees to make into thick chunky spears then attached them onto the little wall then they dug two trenches first one with spikes inside second one for the archers.

Over the hill appeared a men behind him 4 thousand Persian soldiers. “Charge” shouted the Persians. “Archers” said the villagers 3 thousand made it over the wall but only two thousand made it over the trench of spikes. 20 men against 100 villagers. “We surrender”. 10 were speared the others were hanged the next week. Ten spears came over the hill then another 90 followed. When they looked 1 thousand came marching over the hill. “Archers, spears, anything fire at them”. 50 men made it over the wall followed bye another 30. 20 fell in the spike trench the others continued rampaging. They lit up two houses and killed 12 men but soon their backs were full of arrows. They had a burial for the 12 men that died. Jora, one of the men that died had a son called Aroes. He had hid him from the king. Aroes swore vengeance on the King. The next 3 days they set oil traps and hay and chopped down another 60 trees then put thick spears in the ground plus the archers were given spears so if the enemy get to close it will be there funeral. The next days they were under attack by 400 men. “Archers light the oil traps” said Loric. The spears in the ground killed thirteen Persians, the fire killed one hundred Persians. Two hundred reached the village. Two archers were killed so the rest ducked to aid the wounded soldiers. Loric hit one in the head. Aroes slaughtered fifty soldiers before he fainted. The rest were speared or sliced. After that Loric made another speech that himself and another twenty men were going to travel to three different villages.

To be continued.