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The Renegade

The year was 2079 and the Earth was but an asteroid flying through the never ending blackness. The Kipe were responsible as they had come to Earth on their huge ships and exterminated the population although some had made it out with weapons and a hunger for revenge. They had constructed ships of their own and developed more vehicles and weapons. To feed their desire for revenge the Galyiff ship was on a mission which could change the face of the battle in Earths favor. They and several others space ships that were going to attack the Kipes home world Drefgha. It was a daring mission and many lives would be lost but it would be worth it if the plan proved successful. The commander of Galyiff was Gregg Blaik age 37. He had proved successful in most campaigns against the Kipe scum. He would not rest before knowing his men were safe. His number one man was Colonel Pitter who had been under Blaik’s command for six years. He had proved himself reliable countless times. He knew when to disobey orders and when to follow to save lives.

As the ships came just out of the orbit of Drefgha enemy ships engaged them. The main ships launched their men from the cargo holds. The landing was rough but everybody lived unless their plane was damaged. Once on the ground all the forces made their way to the rendezvous point. Once everyone was there they made their way to the capital of the world, Tike. It was heavily defended and would take a toll of lives. It was two miles away from their current position. “Right let’s move” shouted Colonel Pitter. The men stood up and began their walk to the capital.

A Few hours later

“I need a medic”, “Where are they coming from”, “Reloading!”, “Cover me”, “Wey’s hit”, shouted the numerous men who were fighting the Kipe on their homeland. The Colonel was under heavy fire and his men were under so much fire they couldn’t move. Pitter knew he had to do something so he stood up and picked up his gun and was firing with fury when a laser sliced through his skin. He was dead before he hit the ground. The private next to him lost his mind and charged at the enemy only to have the same fate as Pitter. They had to retreat back to the ships.

Lifting the ship off proved harder than landing. Gunt, a soldier, was left behind as he was stopping the well trained enemy from advancing with his sniper until a blade caught him in his shoulder and he was taken prisoner. He was tortured until they made him tell information about his people. He did not tell though. They brought in a knife about to slash him when he grabbed a gun off one of them, destroying important computers, which had all their human information, as well as six aliens before he was shot in the leg. He fell to one knee. He shot another two aliens then he was shot in the chest before he shot another one then he got shot in the other leg before he crawled towards a grenade which he picked up and chucked at the enemy before another laser shot him in the chest again. The last thing he saw was an alien on fire. To him he was honored for his last sight then he passed away.

On the ships deck Blaik was looking for another 2nd in command after Pitter’s death. He chose Lieutenant Clide who had been in the war for years. He was Blaik’s 2nd in control. He was happy to get the promotion but hid his emotions to show he was serious. When Clide was walking back the ship shook. The emergency sirens went off and Clide ran to the pods but was closed in by emergency doors then another missile hit the ship taking Clides life after his big promotion. Not everybody lived but not everybody died. Blaik made it to a pod and got off the ship safely. That was until fighters locked onto him. They fired making a hole in the pod. That hole sucked out all the atmosphere killing Blaik. His pod didn’t even make it to the ground, it crashed into an allied ships cockpit killing the ships crew. The whole fleet was destroyed and the people that landed couldn’t even find each other so were hunted out and shot or tortured like Gunt.

The only survivor was Corporal Bannon who survived on the planet until a rescue plane landed and took him back to what he thought would be his neighbors ship Tripe. Until he was told that the ship had been destroyed and in fact the whole fleet was destroyed. This stopped Bannons mind and he began to cry then howl after they told him he was the only survivor. His friends were on that ship.

His new commander of his fleet was Kindri Frit who was truly experienced in land and space. The new fleet was highly advanced and trained and they where going to attack the home planet after a full scale bombardment. Then they would be given close air support and a grenade for each man and three rockets for each two people and tanks. This would be the turning point and take the home planet and destroy the enemy’s morale and it could cause rebellions, which is what the humans wanted. If this didn’t work they would crash ships full of nukes at the planet hoping to destroy it. The space craft would have to be flown manually into the planet though with a minimum of ten people for each ship. There would be six ships that would make a total of sixty lives or even more.

“Gear up and get to the landing craft!” shouted Captain Maxwell. Corporal Bannon had been promoted to Sergeant. He had also made a new friend Private First Class Jake, this would be his first battle. The landing was much more comfortable than the first time. They encountered an injured enemy. They put him on the plane they had just landed on. It took the injured enemy back to the main ship. It was all going well until a laser sliced threw Private Wilkinson. That sent the men jumping to the ground for cover. Someone landed on a mine and bullets whizzed threw the ground killing two men. “Right we’re getting killed here anyway so the men ran over the small hill and killed their attackers. Losing no men in the charge but when they turned away the hill they had been taking cover behind blew up. “Wow isn’t that a spot of luck” shouted Jake over the falling projectiles. They moved up and met up with other squads preparing to attack a military base. When they reached the base it was still heavily defended so they called air support and for a tank to come. They got both supports. “This is widow maker I am going down I repeat my birds going to crash inside the ba….” A crash was heard from inside the base. “Right we’ve got a crashed plane inside the objective let’s move. The tank blew a hole in the barrier then another and another. Then the troops moved in. Once they were in bullets did not stop until every enemy was dead with an extra six bullets in them. They rescued the pilot then destroyed the base with explosives. “Mission successful” shouted the captain. “Return to the ships we’re going home.” They piled into the ships and sat back and enjoyed the ride until Bannons plane was hit and went spiraling down towards the ground. It landed with a thump. Bannon opened his eyes to see to figures bending over him “Bannon stay with me.” Then it went blank again. Then he saw clearly seeing Maxwell and Fred the medic looking at him they helped him to his feet. He looked around to see Jakes’ eye looking coldly into darkness.

He stood up and Maxwell handed him a weapon and three grenades and one rocket. They kicked down the door that blocked the sunlight. It stung Bannons eyes as the three survivors made their way outside, only to come under heavy fire. The medic threw a grenade not hitting anything the second one did worse but Maxwell made up for it by chucking a grenade killing six enemies. They killed the rest of the enemies and set off a distress call but no one came leaving them stranded until they stumbled across another squad trying to take their objectives and do their part to take over the planet. They joined up with them where the medic became useful tending to someone who had lost his arms in battle. After they had taken their objective, city and industrial area, they helped another squad with theirs then tried to stay until they were ordered to return. The ride was scary for Bannon but the other two were keeping their calm.

Four years later

The new Earth was celebrating the success of the end of the war. Sergeant Bannon had raised a family of a wife and baby girl. He kept in touch with Maxwell and mourned the death of his friend Jake. He told his wife about his life in the army. She wanted to know so she could write a story and she even asked Maxwell. The aliens had been exterminated and there would be no more war breaking out again. The world was as it should be, peaceful.

The end