South America 2009 – The Galapagos Islands (3)

Wednesday, 4th March – Saturday, 7th March

Wednesday evening we motored on through some rough seas. Thursday morning we were at Sullivan Bay, Santiago. We walked across lava fields that went on for ever. This was one of the newer islands; the lava we walked on was less than 100 years old and the last eruption was the year before. We saw ropey lava and other formations, together with Pioneer plants just colonising the lava.

The snorkelling that morning was not so good because of the swell but I played with a penguin and saw more sharks.

The afternoon was spent at Bartolome Island, which appears in many pictures of the Galapagos. We had a difficult landing because of the waves and nearly lost Sandra when we all got off the Panga and she was left and was swept out to sea! We climbed to the top of the Island for the magnificent views. In the distance we saw rays jumping in the ocean.

We missed the snorkelling in the afternoon for a bottle of bubbly on the boat, it being our last full day.

On the Friday we were up early to visit Bachas Beach before breakfast. We visited two beaches with lagoons at the back on which there were flamingos and ducks. In the early light and still air there were marvellous reflections in the water.

After breakfast it was off to the airport for our final journey – home via Guayaquil and Madrid. After an eight hour wait for our flight in Guayaquil we slept well on the flight to Madrid and arrived home Saturday afternoon. We left in the cold of early January and arrived home in the spring with the garden full of daffodils and other spring flowers.

It had been an incredible holiday which exceeded our expectations.

Trad. – Passing of the Day (from ‘The Soothing Sound of Pan Pipes’)