Touring Trip of Central Europe (July 2008)

Part 6: Luxemburg (27th-28th)

The final Sunday of our trip took us (after a short drive up to base of the Eiger) through Northern Switzerland and Eastern France to Luxembourg. The Sat Nav took us through some pretty countryside on our final stretch to the town of Vianden on the German border. We arrived at our hotel to find the town was celebrating its 800th anniversary with lots of street entertainment. Thunderstorms caught up with us again and followed us home the next day.

In the morning we visited Vianden Castle which had been completely restored. Very interesting and picturesque. Before lunch we made for Luxembourg City and were surprised how compact and charming it was. We followed the ’Chemin de la Corniche’ along the ramparts of the Old Town looking down into the gorges surrounding it, and through the town itself. It was then time to head to Calais to catch our evening ferry.

Again thunderstorms caught up with us, but we had time in Calais to visit the hypermarket before heading for the port. When we entered the hypermarket it was clear and sunny, but when we emerged 45 minutes later another violent storm was waiting. Across the Channel the storm raged behind us whilst we witnessed the sunset ahead. Home at last after three weeks and 4000 miles with so many highlights to remember.