Mick Norman

This is Mick Norman’s home page, produced for George’s circle. Here you will find links to a short autobiography, as well as to certain other items that may be of interest. Over the next few weeks I will be posting a number of lists, which I hope will provoke some comment and maybe help me to complete a number of personal collections.

Click this link for my autobiography.

This link is for my entry in a recent poll to discover the most popular real ales as selected by members of Gravesend and Darent Valley CAMRA.

This link is for a list of my favourite song titles of all time. I would stress that these are NOT my favourite songs of all time (see below), just titles that appeal to me for a variety of reasons. Some are witty, some wallow in nostalgia, whilst others are just plain daft. Some may even qualify on all three counts. I leave you to decide which.

This link lists my favourite songs of all time…

…and this link shows my favourite albums.

This link is for the 10 finest classical compositions in the history of the known universe.

Here are my favourite TV series.

And finally the Lost Roads link is an introduction to my report on The Lost Roads of Meopham. A link in the introduction will lead you to the report, which is on the Meopham Historical Society website.

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