• View of our house from the garden

This website was originally created by George Kneif for his friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues and their friends, relatives, … to provide a platform for keeping in contact with each other, and for members to present their work. In 2016, it was completely redesigned by Jennifer Kneif, using the WordPress platform. You can easily get to a member’s website via the Members index. All communication should be sent to webmaster@kneif.info.

The website should work with the default settings of your web browser. If you are experiencing any issues, check whether JavaScript is enabled. Some elements may use the Adobe Flash Player, so you should update it to the latest version.

Some pages have background music attached. In case music has been provided for a page, you will see an audio player at the bottom of the main content area. Click the ‘Play’ button to hear the music for that page. You can also use the volume controls, and jump to any part of the track by using the progress bar.



Craig Armstrong – Weather Storm