My Academic Career

Postgraduate Studies

After gaining a degree with the Open University I decided it was not very easy to give up studying and opted for postgraduate work in the history department at the University of Kent. I successfully managed to upgrade my original MA to a PhD. In May 2005 I received notification that I had been awarded the PhD for my work on the Bevin Boys: Directed to the mines: the Bevin Boys, 1943-1948.

In the spring of 2004 I gave a paper at the conference Fresh Perspectives on the Society and the Individual, held at the University of Sussex: Wartime Interrelationship of the Bevin Boys and the Coalminers.

My thesis was based on oral history evidence and as a result I have become interested in this medium as a means of historical analysis. I have already started on my next project, which looks at Hungarians who came to Britain immediately after the Hungarian uprising in 1956. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has information. I have had an article published in The Historian, the journal of the Historical Association: After the Hungarian Uprising of 1956: Hungarian students in Britain.

You can view or download all my documents if you follow this link.