Class Reunion

on the 50th Anniversary of our Matriculation

Esztergom, 10/09/2005

In the knowledge that better late than never, I have at last managed to place onto my website those pictures that I had taken or received from you. If someone is still in posession of pictures that he would like to add to the album, please, send them to me via the Internet or via snail mail. I shall return the pictures received via snail mail.

Before starting on my journey my wife instructed me to take her old camera and intimated that horrible things might happen to me if I dared to return without some photos. I took the pictures under this sword of Democles. You can see what a beginner and clumsy photographer I am. Hopefully you will take account of my position and forgive me.

In Esztergom I was Rózsár Tivadar’s guest. The journey from the airport to the Rózsárs, however, was not all that simple. If anyone is interested in my adventures, he can read it in my blog.

Some sadness has also mixed itself with the joys of seeing each other again: a third of our class has already died. A further sad news is that Kissik Pista has also died since our class reunion.

The picture texts list the persons in order of left to right.