Hot Air Balloon and Car Festival at Leeds Castle (02-03/09/06)

The weekend started on the Friday evening with a Barbeque in the Fairfax Hall for the Balloonists and car owners. The talk was of the weather forecast, which had predicted rain for the following day. However, Saturday started fine with very little wind – ideal conditions for hot air balloons. We were all at our stations by 6am!!! By 6.30 the first balloons were ready for take-off and 22 finally made it into the air. By lunchtime things were looking bleak as it started to rain and the wind blew up. The prognosis was not good for an evening flight and indeed by 4pm it was apparent that there would be no more flying that day. Sunday also started dull and windy so no chance of a flight in the morning. Some of the staff took the opportunity of a go on the children’s bucket ride. By lunch time the sun had made an appearance and the visitors started to arrive. Meeting Henry VIII proved to be popular as were the children’s crafts, the cars, the kites, the glider, the children’s rides, the brass band and the teddy bears. Unfortunately it was too windy for the balloons to go up on Sunday evening. In spite of the disappointment 5000 visitors over the weekend had plenty to keep themselves amused.