‘Maibowle’ 2006

Here are the few pictures Ann took at our last ‘Maibowle’. It is a celebration of spring and thanksgiving to Frigg (or Freya), wife of Odin, whose name survives in our word Friday. ‘Maibowle’ is also a drink to be drunk at the celebration (see recipe below). We have brought this custom with us from Germany. There is no specific date for it but it is held around the first of May. The British also seem to have approved of this custom and drink so far.

You will notice that there are no drinks visible on any of the pictures. The reason is either that Ann took the pictures when the party was over or she wanted to prove that I was a miserly guest. Nothing of the sort!

Recipe for ‘Maibowle’: Pour two bottles of white wine into a big bowl. Add 50g of sugar and stir to dissolve. Put a tied bunch of woodruff into the wine to soak. Just like when grass turns to hay, the woodruff must be on the point of releasing its volatile oils. After about two hours take out the woodruff and pour a bottle of bubbly (sekt, champagne, etc.), into the bowl. Serve chilled. The amount of sugar may depend on the type of wine you use and on taste. We use Müller-Thurgau from Franconia. The recipe, of course, may be scaled up to any number of people.