Visit from Hungary: Gabi and Adi (16-19/03/2006)

My cousin Gabi and his wife Adi visited us in the middle of March. If you remember the spring just was not coming: no sign of snowdrops, let alone daffodils. It was cold and a cutting north-easterly wind almost bowled us over.

On the day of arrival we made a quick visit to Rochester.

The second day we went to London. We visited an exhibition in Tate Britain then walked – or rather struggled in the wind – along the Thames crossing Westminster bridge to the London Eye, where we had reservation at midday. After the ride we met up with Gabi’s daughter Ági, who was working at the time in St. Albans as au pair. After lunch we walked along the South Bank, crossed the Thames on the ‘Wobbly’ Bridge then slowly walked back to Victoria station.

I was disgusted of what has been done to the tourist attractions. Not long ago I could freely roam inside the Globe and entry to St. Paul’s was free. Now you can visit the Globe only with a guided tour at fixed times and the prices for both venues were horrendous.

The next day Ági took her parents to London.

On Sunday Ann took us to Leeds Castle to a guided tour with me acting as interpreter. Unfortunately it was not the right weather to linger in the park and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our guests departed on Monday at the crack of dawn. How anyone could come to visit England just for three days is beyond my comprehension. But perhaps we shall see them here again in more auspicious circumstances.