Visit to Germany (02-09/07/06)

We spent Thursday morning shopping. We were invited to lunch by Katrin and Ottmar Deppisch in Obernau, a small village near Aschaffenburg. The extended Deppisch family owns a wine making business. They supply our house-wine for the whole year, which our poor car must carry.

In the afternoon Veronika showed us around the new Stiftsmuseum. The current mayor is determined to raise the cultural level of the town and to open the town’s rich historical and cultural heritage to the world. The Stiftsmuseum is one of the fruits of his efforts. We were astounded by the scope, richness and style of presentation of the museum’s contents.

In the evening we went to the Zehs for our annual get-together of old friends from PSI, the firm where I used to work. After the greetings and exchange of presents we sat down to a delicious traditional meal of Chinese soup prepared by our hostess followed by Rote Grütze, Erika’s speciality, to enjoy the drinks selected by our host, and, of course, to have a good chinwag.