Visit to Germany (02-09/07/06)

Day 6: Aschaffenburg

Friday morning Ann and Rosemarie went to the gardening centre. We spent the rest of the day finishing our shopping and chatting with our hosts.

The town has organized a culture week together with its partner town Perth Scotland. There is a special website, that give detailed information about the programme.

In the evening we went to the ‘Museumnacht’ (museum night). All museums, galleries, concert halls, etc. were open until 1 a.m. They were free as long as you carried a tag costing €3.50. Apart form the cultural food there was plenty of opportunity to feed the body and quench the thirst. Usually there are so many people that one can hardly move; unfortunately the weather did not play its part. There were several ‘beefy’ showers that reduced the visitor numbers to about half of last year’s. We started out with our hosts to see as much as possible. We visited the Stonemason School, saw Jo’s pictures in the castle gallery and visited the Bellamy exhibition. As we moved from one place to the next we kept bumping into friends and old acquaintances.