Visit to Scotland (04-09/09/06)

Day 5: Perth

We could not be guests of the people of Perth without a look around the ‘fair city’, whose charity organization Perth in Bloom has gained a number of floral display awards. We spent the morning in the town watching the other German groups, who were in Perth for the twinning celebrations and who were showing their prowess as street musicians. First came the Spessart Highlanders, a pipe band from Germany ably assisted by the local Vale of Atholl drummers. They were followed by the Spielmannszug Schweinheim, with their typical Bavarian music. Finally the March Mellows, a street band from Aschaffenburg, playing a type of Dixieland jazz with a great deal of gusto and humour.

All this made us hungry so we went to the Ring O Bells, a street café, for lunch. Jean then took us to Rodney Gardens on the far bank of the Tay, where we saw some spectacular flowerbeds. Then it was off to Cherrybank, the home of the national heather collection. The day ended with a civic reception and a concert Showcase of Talent in the newly opened Perth Concert Hall. It was hosted by the town of Perth and included performances by German groups and Perth groups having connections with Aschaffenburg.