Jousting and Giants at Leeds Castle (29/05/07 – 03/06/07)

Wedding of the Giants and a Medieval Encampment

Five giants and their medieval entourage were at the castle for three days. They caused a lot of excitement amongst the children, who were eager to be photographed alongside such massive beings. They had a giant guest on Saturday, when Lily from Herne Bay arrived to keep them company. The giants and their accompanying band assembled on the driveway as soon as the first jousting tournament of the day finished. They made their way along the driveway until they reached their encampment and there, on the banks of the moat, they all took part in a wedding ceremony. In the encampment there was plenty to keep the younger children occupied: a medieval ball game, hobby horses, a storyteller, a puppeteer with his charges, a nun who was a master of calligraphy and much more. The jousting and the giants drew a large crowd and there was a pleasant family atmosphere.

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