Leeds Castle Christmas Party (03/12/2007)

Bearstead Golf Club

The annual Leeds Castle Christmas party for guides, stewards and ticket office staff took place at the usual venue: Bearstead Golf Club. We met for a drink before taking our places for the meal. An ingenious system allowed everyone to sit at the table of their choice and to receive their chosen menu at the same time. As usual the club did us proud with a delicious meal, coffee and mince pies. This was followed by the in-house entertainment. Joe and Peter performed a sketch based on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’. Unfortunately Peter was unable to make much headway and only managed to take a winning cheque of £25. This was followed by the ticket office staff, who produced a musical number about the High Flyer. Barbara, John and Sheila then took to the stage with a sketch written by Helen about the problems of being a visitor confronted with an over enthusiastic guide. To end the proceedings the ticket office ladies were back with a musical about life at the castle based on the music from Mary Poppins. All in all an outstanding show so congratulations to all those who took part. Also thanks to Helen and Harris for the organisation and to Sue, who works tirelessly for the Sunshine Club and makes sure that flowers and cards are sent out when necessary.