‘Maibowle’ 2007

In previous years we have been very lucky with the weather for our ‘Maibowle’ and this year was no exception – in spite of a forecast predicting showers. There is a recipe for the German drink traditionally served at the beginning of May to celebrate the coming of the spring on the last year’s ‘Maibowle’ album page.

The celebration of ‘Maibowle’ is an ancient Germanic custom thanking the Godess Freya (or Frigga), wife of Odin, for bringing the spring back. Incidentally, Freya not only brings the spring back but she also has lent her name to one of our days of the week: Friday.

Unfortunately we were so busy chatting to our guests that we quite forgot about taking photos for our album until many of our guests had already left. Here are just a few taken at the last moment.