Saltwood Castle (27/06/2007)

Lord Armstrong will soon be retiring as chairman of the Leeds Castle Foundation, the private trust that looks after the castle. As a generous gesture to the guides at the castle, Lady Armstrong invited us to visit Saltwood Castle. So that Leeds Castle would not be depleted of guides we were split into two groups and went on two separate days.

Saltwood Castle is the home of Mrs Jane Clark, the wife of the late Alan Clark. It is a family home and therefore not open to the general public. It was therefore a great honour for us to have a personal guided tour of the main castle and the library and study. This was followed by a delicious tea with cakes baked by Mrs Clark. After tea we were allowed to climb to the battlement, from where there were spectacular views of the castle and the surrounding countryside. This was followed by a peep into the garage to see the old cars collected by Alan Clark. In spite of the (for the time of year) cold weather, the rain held off and we all had an enjoyable afternoon.

Many thank to Lady Armstrong and Mrs Clark.