Visit to Germany (01-09/07/07)

Day 3: Omas Kochtopf, Daxberg

We used to live a couple of doors away from Omas Kochtopf (Grandmother’s cooking pot) and would sometimes have our lunch there. It supplies good traditional German fare and we try to go there at least once on our visit to Aschaffenburg. This time the recommended meal of the day was suckling pig. It is not expensive. A nice plate of meat, savoy cabbage and dumplings cost €9.50 (about £6). Together with a nice German pils beer on tap it helped George forget for a moment how ill he felt.

In the evening we enjoyed our usual get together with the PSI crowd (George worked for PSI for many years). Our normal venue at the Zeh’s was changed, as Jo had been unwell. Instead Renate played hostess at her house in Daxberg. Some friends were missing: Klaus died a few weeks ago, Horst P was working away from home and Hans was at his house in Italy. However we had an enjoyable evening with the usual reminiscences.