Visit to Germany (01-09/07/07)

Day 6: Sommerach

We had originally planned to go to Nürnberg with Frieder, who had a business meeting there. However, George was not up to walking as he still felt very ill and Rosemarie wanted to stay at home with their dog that had just returned home after being missing for 2 weeks. Instead we asked Horst to accompany us to Sommerach, in the centre of the Franconia wine producing area, where he knew a good vintner and where we could taste and buy wine. Unfortunately we missed the turning from the motorway and ended up in a traffic jam. A drive that should have taken us ¾ hour took nearly 5.

When we arrived in Sommerach it was to find that the vintner Horst had recommended was on holiday – his hotel guests do not like all the noise attached to the wine festival that was taking place in the evening and he was using the opportunity to shut up shop and take a holiday! We found another ‘Gasthaus’ for lunch and then another vintner, Henke, for some wine tasting and buying, so it was all’s well that ends well!