Visit to Germany (01-09/07/07)

Day 7: Market, Museum Night

No visit to Aschaffenburg is complete without a visit to the market. Local produce as well as some more exotic wares are available. The market square is positioned between the town concert hall and the castle.

The afternoon we spent relaxing on our hosts’ terrace. Afterwards I made a short visit to see old friends, Agnes and Hans-Jürgen, on my own, because George still was not feeling well.

Every year, at the beginning of July, the town of Aschaffenburg holds a week of cultural events, whose culmination is known as the museums night. A ticket costing €3 (£2) allows free public travel, entrance into all museums, galleries, concerts and open-air events until 2am. During many of the events the visitor may buy a snack and a beer or wine at a reasonable price. The whole local population appear to be there. It is a chance to bump into old acquaintances and friends. It is tradition that our group of friends meet in the Pompejanum garden at midnight. The Pompejanum is a copy of the Castor and Pollux house at Pompeii. It was built by king Ludwig I of Bavaria as a summer retreat. Unfortunately George was feeling too ill to attend this year but I kept to tradition. After a wander around the town, a visit to a church concert and a photography exhibition, I made my way to our meeting point.