Visit to Germany (01-09/07/07)

Day 8: Kleinostheim, Kartause Grünau, Miltenberg

The first pictures show my early morning walk around the garden of our hosts. The house is on the very edge of a forest so it is surrounded by green. We decided to go, together with our hosts, for lunch at Kartause Grünau in Spessart, an area of outstanding natural beauty much favoured by hikers. Kartause Grünau was once a monastery and stands in the middle of nowhere. The pub is famous for its trout dish as the fish are caught from the lake right outside the door. Needless to say the trout was delicious and the walk around the lake afterwards was a welcome exercise.

We then set off on the return journey, stopping for a while at Miltenberg. We found a festival in progress. It is typical in this part of Germany that there will be a festival somewhere in the vicinity every weekend throughout the summer and autumn.