Visit to Germany (06-14/07/08)

We again stayed with Rosemarie and Frieder Hauptmann in Kleinostheim, a small village next to Aschaffenburg, where we used to live. Our annual visit this time was fraught with problems concerning the air conditioning in George’s 23-year-old car. We spent several days visiting the garage in the hopes that the spare parts had arrived. At least the garage managed to get the air intake to work as this had caused us major discomfort on the outward journey. In spite of that we managed to meet up with many old friends once again and visit Rachel in Mannheim.

Day 1 – Sunday: Outward Journey

We left on Sunday morning. This time we decided to use the ferry and travelled with SeaFrance to Calais. An uneventful journey with the exception of the lack of air in the car.

Day 2 – Monday: Civic Reception, Seligenstadt, Kleinostheim

George decided to stay at the Hauptmanns and relax, whilst I went with Rosemarie to the town. There we went to a civic reception for the Perthshire Brass, whom I had met on previous occasions. It was then on to Seligenstadt with the band. Meanwhile George went with Frieder to arrange for some insoles for his shoes, which proved quite an adventure. Afterwards back in Kleinostheim George was practicing his photographic skills in the garden.

Day 3 – Tuesday: Shopping, Omas Kochtopf, at the Paulys

The morning was spent in Aschaffenburg with a visit to the bank and shopping. We were dismayed to hear that Oma’s Kochtopf was under new management but we need not have worried. The food was as cheap and as good as ever. After lunch we made our way to the Paulys, where we were invited to afternoon tea.